Don't throw out your favorite clothes or outfits because they no longer have that perfect fit anymore bring them down to us and we will alter them to give them that perfect fit again.

If you live in South Carolina or visiting the sunshine state, come check us out for your clothing alterations and garment repair needs.


Located just outside of our states capital city at 819 Meeting St., West Columbia. We have a shop with a professional fashion designer and tailor that can make just about any necessary adjustments to make your favorite clothes fit like they are brand new again.


If you have never had adjustments made to your clothes and are wondering how it all works here is the run down.

  • Bring the clothes that need adjustments with you when you come. If you are getting fitted for a wedding or bridesmaid gown, please bring the shoes and undergarments you are planning to wear to the event.
  • Our profession tailor will have you put your garments on in our private changing room. Then will look and see where adjustments need to be made based on your requests. Our tailor will also suggest other adjustments that may need to be made.
  • Bear in mind that all adjustments may not be possible, but we are dedicated to helping satisfy your needs and coming up with solutions to save your favorite garments.


*We will be closed the week of May 20th. We will resume our regular business hours on Tuesday May 28th. You may still reach out to us via email to book any future appointments.

We offer services such as:

  • Hems (regular or cuffed)
  • Basic expanding/Reducing waist
  • Tapering pants, skirts, and dresses
  • Zipper and button replacements
  • Minor clothing Repair

If you have any questions about our services please give us a call at (803)888-7856 or send us a message. Our store is open Monday through Thursday from 10am to 4pm.

Anyone in need of alterations please submit a request for an appointment. This enables us to make sure we have ample time to go over the garment and adjustments needed to make sure your clothing fits perfectly and looks great! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your patience as we want to ensure every customer is completely satisfied with their adjustments.

Appointment request


  • Regular Hem_________________________________$10+up
  • Cuff Hem________________________________________$18
  • Jeans Hem______________________________________$20
  • Extending Hem__________________________________$20
  • Waist Adjustment (in or out)_________________$20+up
  • Crotch Adjustment__________________________$20+up
  • Taper Legs___________________________________$20+up
  • Belt Loop Repair_________________________$8 per loop

Suit Jackets and Blazers

  • Sleeve Adjustment___________________________$30+up
  • Take In/Let Out______________________________$30+up
  • Button Replacement__________________________$3+up


  • Sleeve Adjustment___________________________$15+up
  • Sides Adjustments (Take In/Let Out)__________$20+up
  • Hem Adjustment_____________________________$15+up


  • Hems________________________________________$20+up
  • Sides Adjustment (Take In/Let Out)___________$25+up
  • Bridal and Evening Wear garments will vary depending on requested services.
    Please call ahead or schedule an appointment for us to give you a more accurate quote.
    *We are currently NOT accepting bridal gown alterations during this time but will again in the future.

Zipper Replacement

  • Jackets__________________________________________________________________$30+up
  • Pants, Skirts, and Dresses________________________________________________$25+up
  • Repair Zipper (without replacing)_________________________________________$8+up


  • Add Hook and Eye or Snap_____________________________$5 per hook and eye/snap
  • Repair or Mend Holes and Seams__________________________________________$5+up
  • Sew on Patch_____________________________________________________________$10+up
    Drapes and Curtain Hem___________$20 per panel (Unlined) $30 per panel (Lined)
    *cost may also vary depending on width.*