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Bri L. Design is dedicated to helping women get healthy and fit through comfort and style. Our mission is to uplift and motivate women of all shapes and sizes so they can live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Bri L. Designs has partnered with the Deep South Movement for Creative Youth. Deep South Movement is dedicated to providing a safe environment for youth and teens in low income areas where they can explore and advance their creative talents.  While focusing on helping our community locally and nationally, we are also working globally. Bri L. Designs and Deep South Movement have chose to work with Brother Love in Haiti to help low-income citizens with essential needs such as clothes, shoes, food, water, medical needs, and even a valuable education for those who can't afford education. Brother Love was founded by Valencov Michel who is currently living in Haiti helping the first black republic of the world, to help ensure a better future for its people. Brother Love has already helped hundreds of Haitians and has even started a learning center for kids and adults. To learn more about Brother Love in Haiti check out there YouTube channel for videos and subscribe to them for notifications when they add new videos. On our side we have made a t-shirt and mask combo that is being sold on the Deep South Movement site as well as Etsy. 30 percent of those sales go directly to Brother Love in Haiti as well. Links to these websites and the products are:
Deep South and Etsy-

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