Know someone interested in learning to sew? We now offer classes teaching this valuable skill.

We will be starting with offering core beginner classes for kids ages 8-12. In the future we will be offering these classes and advance classes for all ages including adults. Supplies and equipment will be provided at no additional cost, however if you have your own equipment to use that is encouraged. Below you will see a break down of what your child will be learning in our beginner classes.

First Class : Introduction
Start class with introductions and go over course syllabus. Afterwards safety, tools, and equipment will be covered. Course will end with the kids learning how to properly thread a sewing machine.
Second Class : Basic Use of a Sewing Machine
Students will learn how to sew basic stiches and how to clean finish seams on a sewing machine. First project will be to make a simple scarf.
Third Class : Reading and Using a Simple Pattern
Students will learn how to read and use a basic pattern. Second project begins with students cutting and making a simple pair of pants.
Fourth Class : Continue Making Pants
Students will continue their pants project and learn how to make sixing adjustments and fit their pants to their size.
Fifth Class : Closures and Finishes
Students will learn simple closures like how to sew on a button, velcro, or snaps. Third project is to make a simple wallet with a closure of their choosing.
Sixth Class : More Fun!
Last day of class students will learn various sewing techniques such as pleats, ruffles, gathers, etc. Students will also learn about different fabrics and their uses.

We know life can get busy which is why we offer a flexible class schedule for students. Classes will be held Monday through Thursday from 5pm till 7pm each week. Only one class needs to be attended each week, so families can pick which day each week their student will attend during the six week course. Below you can download a copy of the sign up sheet and we look forward to seeing you!

Sewing Class Registration FormSewing Class Waiver Form